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Welcome to KrugerExplorer – the all-in-one encyclopedia to Kruger National Park.


Whether you are planning your South African safari, need the perfect companion guide for your self-drive Kruger experience, or simply want to explore Kruger from the comfort of home, you will find everything you need in the KrugerExplorer App.


This App explores Kruger National Park in unparalleled detail, and includes:

  • The most extensive Kruger wildlife Field Guide ever created.

  • Guided Routes that share our knowledge of the park’s roads from years of exploring Kruger.

  • The most up-to-date Kruger Maps available, helping you navigate the park’s 3,500km road network including several newly opened roads.

  • Extensive sections on Kruger’s Rest Camps, Itineraries, Accommodation, plus exclusive Special Offers and Competitions.

  • Thousands of stunning photographic images to reveal all the beauty of Kruger’s wildlife.

  • And once downloaded, the App works 100% offline – perfect for exploring the Kruger!

Download from:

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Wildlife Field Guide

The Field Guide section is unprecedented in its focus on Kruger’s wildlife.


It includes over 700 species profiles detailing physical characteristics, behaviours and locations, and each is accompanied by breathtaking photography to aid identification.


The 700+ species profiles cover:

  • All 148 mammal species ever recorded in Kruger, including the best places to find them.

  • Over 60 scale mammal footprint graphics so you can track and identify wildlife spoor.

  • Over 500 bird species, including all of Kruger’s resident, migrant visitor and vagrant records since 2010. Stunning bird photography includes male, female, juvenile and breeding plumage where relevant.

  • 60+ further profiles of commonly encountered reptiles and invertebrates, including crocodiles, snakes, lizards, tortoises, butterflies, spiders and much more.

Routes Guide

Kruger National Park is the size of Wales / New Jersey / Israel and has more than 3,500km of roads.  Finding your favourite animals in such a vast wilderness could prove a considerable challenge!  

The Guided Routes use our experience from many years exploring Kruger to create 70+ incredible journeys through the park:

  • The routes are like having an in-person guide in your pocket. Each includes extensive commentary that doesn’t just say, “Take that road because it’s good for lions,” but instead explains the geology of each area, which in turn informs the flora that grows there, the herbivores that eat that flora and, ultimately, the predators that hunt those herbivores.

  • Each route will help you develop an intimate insight into Kruger’s incredible wilderness.

  • The 70+ guided routes cover each of the rest camps and entrance gates and suggest short, medium and full-day routes to explore.

Routes Guide
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Kruger National Park is huge and a map is essential.  The KrugerExplorer App includes beautiful, custom-made maps that share exceptional detail about the park in high-resolution.  

The Maps are the most detailed, user-friendly and up-to-date available:

  • They use SANParks’ geo-data, but are enhanced to include newly opened roads and correct errors found in the maps available in the park shops.

  • For the first-time visitor to Kruger, note that you are not provided with a map and must buy one from a park shop at a cost similar to this App.

  • The maps include all rest camps, picnic sites, lookouts, historical sites and hides, as well as the two most recently opened new visitor roads, which are not shown on park maps.


Recording your sightings is all part of a wonderful bush experience and will help you develop memories that will last a lifetime.  

The KrugerExplorer App includes an integrated sightings life list where you can check off each of the species of mammal, bird, reptiles, invertebrate and flora that you have encountered during your adventure.  

You'll be amazed at how many species you are able to see during your self-drive Kruger safari!  

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Offline access

One question we get asked a lot is whether the KrugerExplorer App works offline - and the simple answer is: Yes it does!  

As with any mobile or tablet app, you will need to be online, via either WiFi or data, to download KrugerExplorer from the App Store or Google Play.  After the initial installation, the App will download the remaining images automatically.   


Once downloaded, all the content, images and maps will be stored on your device and the KrugerExplorer App will be fully functional, even with Airplane mode switched on. This means no signal or data roaming is required to access all the information while journeying through the Kruger. 


This makes the App the perfect guide and companion for international visitors with no internet access and for anyone who simply prefers to disconnect from the digital world while exploring the incredible wilderness that is Kruger National Park!

Available on tablet devices

The KrugerExplorer App is fully functional on both Apple and Android tablet devices too, so you can access all of the App's content on your preferred type of device.

The extra large format for photos and maps looks amazing on tablet devices too!

If you have both a smartphone and tablet device connected to either the App Store or Google Playstore via the same login, you can also download the App onto both devices from a single purchase, and get the best of both worlds...!

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Feedback for the KrugerExplorer App

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Since launching in July 2019, we've been blown away by the incredible feedback and coverage that the App has received!

Feedback for the KrugerExplorer App includes:

- Over 300 5-star reviews across the App Store & Google Play Store globally.

- Downloads in over 60 countries.

- The top ranked travel app in South Africa in 2019 and 2020.

- Featured by Apple 'App of the Day' in the App Store.

- 'Recommended' by BirdLife South Africa.

- 'Highly recommended' in an independent review article by Getaway Magazine.

- Featured in numerous other publications including VodacomNOW!, Sawubona Magazine, Skyways Magazine and on NBC's Access Hollywood in the US!

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported our project - we're incredibly grateful.

Best regards

Danny & Charlotte

Download from:

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