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Discover Kruger National Park and make your safari the trip of a lifetime! 


The KrugerExplorer App is the ultimate bush and wildlife guide to Kruger National Park, and includes over 300 detailed animal profiles, more than 70 of our favourite and most successful Kruger routes, hundreds of stunning images to aid identification and beautifully crafted maps to help you immerse yourself in this incredible wilderness.

With over 30,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook, you can also join the KrugerExplorer community by downloading the App and accessing more than 300,000 words of outstanding content on your phone or tablet device.  

We're really excited about the KrugerExplorer App and hope you find it an invaluable companion on your Kruger adventure!  

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Wildlife Field Guide

The KrugerExplorer App includes a huge amount of content on the animals that you are likely to encounter in Kruger National Park: 

  • 50+ mammal profiles explaining physical characteristics, behaviours and where to find them in Kruger.

  • 225+ birding profiles with helpful identification tips and interesting facts.

  • 30+ reptiles, invertebrates and tree profiles to help you learn about the smaller creatures and nature in Kruger.

  • Hundreds of stunning images to help you identify the animals.

  • Where in Kruger, Did You Know and Kids' Corner sections in the animal profiles will really bring your self-drive safari to life!


If you spot an animal not detailed in the App, you will have encountered a rare sighting indeed!  

Routes Guide

Kruger National Park is the size of Wales / New Jersey / Israel and has more than 3,500km of roads.  Finding your favourite animals in such a vast wilderness could prove a considerable challenge!  

That's where the KrugerExplorer App routes section comes in.  The App includes 70+ of our favourite and most successful routes in Kruger, developed from many years of visiting the park.  Every entrance gate and rest camp in the park is covered by a selection of routes.  


The route descriptions are 'ground-up', detailing the geology and flora of an area, which then informs which herbivores graze there and the predators that follow them, giving you an immersive understanding of the wilderness that you are exploring.  



Kruger National Park is huge and a map is essential.  The KrugerExplorer App includes beautiful, custom-made maps that share exceptional detail about the park in high-resolution.  

All of Kruger's roads, gates, rest camps, private lodges, picnic sites, look-outs and viewpoints, waterholes and other points of interest are included and have all been checked by ourselves in the park.  The park's ecozones and useful information on distances between gates and camps are also included for quick reference.  


We're confident there is no more comprehensive, accurate and beautiful map of Kruger available to visitors on the market today.  And this one fits in your pocket and works fully offline!  


Recording your sightings is all part of a wonderful bush experience and will help you develop memories that will last a lifetime.  

The KrugerExplorer App includes an integrated sightings list where you can check off each of the species of mammal, bird, reptiles, invertebrate and flora that you have encountered during your adventure.  

You'll be amazed at how many species you are able to see during your self-drive Kruger safari!  

Offline access

One question we get asked a lot is whether the KrugerExplorer App works offline - and the simple answer is: Yes it does!  

As with any mobile or tablet app, you will need to be online, via either WiFi or data, to download KrugerExplorer from the App Store or Google Play.  After the initial installation, the App will download the remaining 186MB of images automatically.   


Once downloaded, all the content, images and maps will be stored on your device and the KrugerExplorer App will be fully functional, even with Airplane mode switched on. This means no signal or data roaming is required to access all the information while journeying through the Kruger. 


This makes the App the perfect guide and companion for international visitors with no internet access and for anyone who simply prefers to disconnect from the digital world while exploring the incredible wilderness that is Kruger National Park!

Available on tablet devices

The KrugerExplorer App is fully functional on both Apple and Android tablet devices too, so you can access all of the App's content on your preferred type of device.

The extra large format for photos and maps looks amazing on tablet devices too!



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