Welcome to the KrugerExplorer website!  

These pages are the home of the KrugerExplorer App - the ultimate wildlife and routes field guide for Kruger National Park.


This website also provides a huge amount of free information to help you plan the safari trip and bush experience of a lifetime to Kruger!

We hope you find the KrugerExplorer App, and the resources available on this website, invaluable when adventuring through the incredible wilderness of Kruger National Park. 


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Welcome to KrugerExplorer


The App

Discover Kruger National Park with the KrugerExplorer App - the ultimate bush and wildlife guide companion to Kruger.  


It includes over 300 detailed animal profiles, more than 70 of our favourite and most successful Kruger routes, hundreds of stunning images to aid identification and beautifully crafted maps to help you immerse yourself in this incredible wilderness.  This totals over 300,000 words of accessible and informative content.  

With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook and our Blog, you can also join the KrugerExplorer community and share your stories and images from this wonderful place. 

We're really excited about the KrugerExplorer App and hope you find it an invaluable companion on your Kruger bush experience!  

Download here:

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Plan, Discover, Share

The KrugerExplorer App, this website and our social media pages combine to provide you with a huge amount of information to plan your perfect safari, discover Kruger National Park and share your experiences and stories of the bush with the KrugerExplorer community.  

Our planning resources include insights on the best ways to visit Kruger as well as information about the park, rest camps and animals.  Kruger is a vast wilderness and knowing about the park is important to ensure you plan a safari that offers the style, budget and wildlife that you are hoping for.  

Discovering Kruger could not be easier with the information on this website and, of course, the KrugerExplorer App, with its 300+ animals profiles, 70+ routes, beautiful maps and hundreds of stunning images of the wildlife and park!  

We're fortunate to have more than 30,000 followers across Instagram and Facebook and these communities provide a safe and welcoming environment to share your stories, photos, videos and memories of Kruger National Park.  

We really hope you find all of the tools and resources available on the KrugerExplorer App and website a huge help! 

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We have over 30,000 followers on our Blog, Instagram and Facebook pages and we would be delighted if you joined our Kruger community too! 


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