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5-night+ itineraries

If you have the time to spend 5 or more nights in Kruger, then you are going to have a dream bush experience…! 


With that much time, there is an incredible number of variations of itineraries that you could build.  The first key question is whether to stay in one or two rest camps and explore those areas in detail at a steady pace, or whether to visit a few camps and travel through a greater amount of the park’s diverse and varied habitats.


Once you’ve decided on that, you can start to build an itinerary to match your interests and style of travel.  Perhaps consider stitching together a couple of the 2-, 3- and 4-night itineraries listed in this section of the App, or at least reading through them to give you some ideas. 


Make sure you have a read through each of the individual rest camp profiles too, as that will give you a flavour for what you can expect from each in terms of accommodation options, local habitats and potential wildlife sightings.


The key thing to avoid is having to travel too far between different rest camps in a single day.  Doing that just ends up feeling stressful and might encourage you to speed, which endangers the wildlife and significantly reduces your chances of seeing things.  Slow and steady is the best way to navigate Kruger!

Check availability & pricing

We’d love to help you book one of the above or a similar itinerary and make your dream Kruger experience come to life!  We’ve made it really simple for you too…  Just fill in the details in this form, hit submit, and we’ll get back to you with availability and prices as soon as possible!

Booking your accommodation through the KrugerExplorer Website means we earn a small commission and is greatly appreciated, but please rest assured that it won’t make your booking more expensive.  Instead, it actually helps us give you access to the best prices and offers we can find, as well as helping to support the KrugerExplorer App and our social media activities!


All of the itineraries are suggested only – they can be reversed, changed or adapted as part of a wider trip depending on availability in each of the rest camps, but they are a great start point.


All enquiries for SANParks accommodation within Kruger National Park are handled by the wonderful team at our excellent and carefully selected partner  They will be able to check availability, help with adjusting an itinerary depending on availability and get your reservation confirmed.


Their team can also help with booking SANParks accommodation at any other National Park within South Africa too – just let them know!

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