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Kruger Planning Resources

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Nearly 2-million people visit Kruger National Park each year, making it by far Africa's most popular safari destination.  It is an incredible place with a huge diversity of habitats and wildlife that captures the imagination and hearts of those fortunate enough to spend some time here.  

It is also remarkably accessible.  Its proximity to Johannesburg and Pretoria plus a variety of smaller neighbouring cities and towns, excellent internal road network, and substantial array of camps and accommodation options all contribute to its huge popularity.  Many people self-drive but there are a huge number of guides and tour operators offering their services too.  There are also many luxury private reserves and accommodation options, both within and neighbouring Kruger.  You can visit for the day or stay for a month!  

All this can be quite bewildering for the first time or return visitor!  So we've brought together all the information you need on this website and in the KrugerExplorer App to help you plan your safari and discover the wonders of Kruger National Park.  

The following planning resources provide information for those who wish to self drive, those interested in taking a guided tour and visitors looking to stay in the Greater Kruger private reserves.  Each approach offers a different experience and so read on to learn more and plan your Kruger adventure...!

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