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We have a website!

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Welcome to KrugerExplorer and our first blog post.

We are hoping this blog will chronicle the ups and downs of an entrepreneurial journey as we endeavour to get a start-up business off the ground. If it becomes a handy reference guide for others who dream of starting their own passion project then all the better!


The idea

We are a couple with long-held passions for travel and wildlife. Both Charlotte and myself (Danny) have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries around the world, working and living in several of them. I also spent the best part of a year working on a private game reserve in South Africa and our love of journeying through African national parks, seeking the incredible wildlife, has grown from there.

But what if we could turn our passion into a project that shared some of our knowledge and experience to help others enjoy these incredible places? And what if that project could become a proper business?

KrugerExplorer is our attempt at that.

Kruger National Park in South Africa is an incredible wilderness that is about the same size as Wales, Belize or New Jersey and hosts over 100 species of mammals and more than 400 species of birds. It also welcomes more than 2-million visitors each year, many of whom self-drive through this wonderful place.

Books and TripAdvisor forums give some useful info on how to plan a safari in Kruger, while other (rather large heavy going!) books give details of the animals that you might encounter there. But this is all a bit 20th century and there is no individual source that helps you plan your visit, choose the right camps, navigate the huge expanse of Kruger, locate and identify animals and then share your stories, photos and experiences when you return home.

Our vision for KrugerExplorer is exactly this - an App and online presence that helps you Plan, Discover and Share your visit to Kruger National Park. We hope that it will include exceptionally high quality information, platforms and photography.

The project

Over the coming months we invite you to follow our journey into making our idea become a reality. We are teaching ourselves how to build an App, writing content for over 100 animal profiles and more than 60 park driving routes, building a community through social media, developing a marketing plan and collaborating with industry specialists and influencers.

It's a massive project that will take us out of our comfort zones and will require us learning a huge amount! The lessons (good and bad!) will be shared here and we hope it might inspire someone else to start their own passion project.

We have a website!

Ah yes, the title of our first blog... Well we have a website! And if you are reading this then you have already found it. I can't tell you how exciting it was just to get this far (and to have taught ourselves how to actually build and publish it!)

For now, it's a simple launch page, giving a sneak overview of what to expect in the app, the opportunity to sign up for updates, and a target launch date for the App during Q1 2019.

Fingers crossed!!

Danny & Charlotte


Follow our progress...





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Natalie Broome
Natalie Broome
Oct 05, 2018

Amazing idea - can't wait to see and use the finished product! Wishing you both all the best with the launch


Richard Broome
Richard Broome
Sep 27, 2018

What a brilliant idea, good luck and here's to KrugerExplorer being a great success!

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